20 Online Stores With Wedding Gowns Under $1,000

I think it's becoming more and more common that couples are paying for their own weddings and not their parents - or maybe that's just me and my friends but I feel like we're all on wedding budgets right? 

While searching for my wedding dress, I came across the challenge of trying to keep my dress under $1,000. With some good old fashion research and the help of some family and friends, I found TONS of websites to online dress shop for a dress and I think some of them might be helpful to you. 

Not all of them are "Wedding" dresses, but that's why they're going to be on the more affordable side. So - Below are websites I've used to find dresses & I've attached some picture examples. Unfortunately, what I can't promise is that the website you go to will still have that particular dress because I don't know if by the time you are reading this the dress has already been sold out or is no longer being made. Still, if a particular website has had that "Style" at some point, they're bound to have something similar.  Hope this helps!


Stone Cold Fox




Bianca Gown - $650

Ok, as of right now while I'm writing this, Stone Cold Fox doesn't even sell a dress over $650. This brand is perfect for the ideal boho bridal babe and they have a dedicated wedding dress section on their site. I'd say this is my top choice. They have a great return policy so long as the dress is not on sale. Small businesses are the best to work with and the girls who made this company come from my hometown! 


Asos Bridal

Embroidered Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress - $151


ASOS has some of the lowest price wedding dresses ever, and yet they still look like they could be over $1,000 easy. It just goes to show it's all about branding and markup retail prices when it comes to wedding dress shopping. It's all a scam ;p jk but seriously. ASOS has a lot of different styles when it comes to their gowns, so some are really simple and chic and some are more bohemian.

3. LULU'S 


Amelie White Lace Maxi Dress - $98

Ok I lied when I said ASOS has some of the cheapest Dresses because Lulu's has some amazing gowns and theyre definitely much cheaper than ASOS. Lulu's actually has a huge selection too and my trick when I go to a normal online retailer that isn't known for wedding dresses is to click "Dresses" then go to the color and choose "White" and then click "Maxi". I'm shocked at how many dresses Lulu's has under $100 that are fully bridal gowns. 



Sabo Skirt

Venice Bridesmaid Dress Ivory - $298

Sabo Skirt is an Aussie brand but it is by far my favorite aussie brand. Yes, I have bought many things from them before and it does take a bit longer to ship to the US but it's totally worth it. So let me also say that if you read the caption to this particular dress you will see that it says "bridesmaid" but let me tell you - if a dress is ivory or white and long and elegant it can definitely be a wedding gown. I think it's all about how you style a dress with accessories as well too. Sabo Skirt just launched this bridesmaid line and they have a lot of other "ivory" dresses that pass as wedding gowns. From time to time they also make sheer beachy dresses or sets that look very beachy bridal and is another great unique spin on a less traditional wedding dress. I'm all about doing things untraditionally anyways. 




Take a Bow Dress - $298

Revolve is my GO TO for all types of clothing, accessory, bikini, and shoe shopping. Literally if it's in style they have it. They even have an entire dress section dedicated to bridal. I just chose this unique vintage looking dress as an example but they have all types of bridal styles from classic chic to bohemian to vintage glam etc. The dress pictured is on the lower end of the price spectrum of what they offer but currently they have a range from $188 & up. their highest price dress is currently $1,150 and it is the only gown above the $1,000 price mark. 




Lilac Gown $450

Lurelly definitely has a lot of higher end dresses above the $1,000 mark, but every now and then they have a few lower priced gowns. Be careful if you find a dress on sale like the one above because they can only be returned for store credit or exchanged for size. Lurelly's dresses under the $1,000 range barely make this post at $800-$900 but theyre so gorgeous and unique they might be worth checking out :)



For Love and Lemons

Lovebird Maxi Dress - $288

If you're an eclectic bride like myself and you like really unique pieces that have gentle feminine lace touches - For Love & Lemons is a great place to do some searching. They don't have a "bridal" section from what I'm currently seeing, but they have a lot of great white dresses that are definitely bridal material. Not pictured are also some white see through dresses with floral embroidery that could be paired with a slip underneath. 


Spell & The Gypsy Collective


Canyon Moon Mesh Gown - $795

Another Aussie fav for you guys -- Spell Bridal make some of the most romantic boho gowns that I am so obsessed with. I literally almost got the Gwendolyn Wrap gown for my own wedding but at the time it was over $1,000. They just dropped the price down to like $659 on it though and its now very affordable (but I already have a dress). A lot of their dreamy gowns are over $1,000 but they have some really beautiful dusters which can be worn over a simple slip dress and then immediately you will look like a gypsy goddess bride. 


Jen's Pirate Booty



Coco's Island Maxi Dress - $143

True life confession - I'm obsessed with Australian brands. Jen's Pirate Booty is definitely the brand for all my Surfer bride babes who are going for the opposite of glam look. This brand has a "Wedding" section on their site but it is mostly kaftans and coverups or cute white beachy maxi dresses. I personally love this look and I think that paired with a tropical flower crown and a golden tan, barefoot in the sand, you'll be looking like a seriously stunning mermaid beach bride babe. 


Love Shack Fancy



Ruffle Slip Dress - $395

I once reached out to the owner of Love Shack Fancy to ask if they would be coming out with any Bridal dresses and she replied by telling me they don't make wedding dresses. STILL look at those gorgeous textures above and tell me you wouldn't love to be that bride with the sheer dress dancing in a field of flowers at sunset with a baby's breath bouquet or a few daisy in some messy curls. I'm obsessed with their pretty little pieces and they totally pass as bridal in my book. 


Hello Molly


Dancing Through the Fire Maxi Dress - $109

Technically the above dress is GOLD but who says your wedding dress has to be white? As long as you look and feel like a total princess I think that's all that matters. Hello Molly occasionally gets some dresses in that look like bridal gowns. I mean where else are you going to wear a gorgeous dress like this? 


VICI Dolls

Karmen Maxi Dress - $62

Let's talk about the price tag on the dress above. I mean c'mon. GORGEOUS dress for under $100. They have quite a few like this and come out with new stuff all the time. They have a Bridal section but I would say that again, they are more so dresses that look "bridal" and are not particularly made out to be wedding gowns. I love that though because why spend so much money on a dress you wear once. 



Free People

Temecula Maxi Dress - $250

If you're the ultimate Boho Queen then you already know Free Peeps is where it's at. But maybe you didn't think to check there for the ultimate wedding dress of your dreams. CHECK - because they have a ton of white maxi dresses that are so gorgeous and unique and you won't regret it. Majority of them are under $1,000



Nasty Gal

Guest of Honor Mesh Dress - $90

I love that this Nasty Gal dress mixes Chic with a little bit of that beachy look with the sheer tool skirt. TRUST ME this look is so rad on the beach. You can even get it all sandy and wet and it will still look hot. I was actually surprised to see that Nasty Gal had a ton of cute bridal looks but I am glad I looked because I'M OBSESSED. 




Rosey Dress - $388

Reformation is such a rad brand because they use sustainable materials such as deadstock fabric or pieces from vintage materials. I love what they are all about but they also make some really gorgeous gowns. LOOK AT THE FLOW ON THE DRESS PICTURED ABOVE. They have a wedding section & some gorgeous bridesmaid type stuff too :) I should make a bridesmaid dress post somewhere down the line because I have so many things and ideas in my brain.. lol.




Running Free Dress - $61.95

Showpo is another cheap clothing website with rad white Maxi gowns that might catch your eye as a wedding gown. So affordable you can put that $1,000 toward your venue or honeymoon!

17. TOBI 



Cherish Me Ivory Plunging Maxi Dress - $46 

THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE CHEAPEST DRESS ON THIS LIST YET. Tobi has some gorgeous white dresses under $100. Imagine pairing this gown with a floor length chiffon veil and a sparkly diamond necklace for that plunging neckline. Um. Hi. Stunner! 


Fashion Nova


Evening In Milan Embroidered Dress - $119.99

If you are into all things sparkly you might love the affordable version of your dream gown above! If not they have a lot of other styles on Fashion Nova at a very affordable price. My sister in law who works in the movie/film industry as a costume designer says they use Fashion Nova all the time for set clothing and that one of her coworkers even got her wedding gown from them!





Ali Gown - $500

I was actually surprised by how great the prices were on BHLDN. The wildly popular sub brand of Anthropologie has some very elegant and unique gowns at great prices. They even have a few sets you can purchase for great prices as well (for a bridal skirt and a top). Why stop at the dress? They also have a million amazing accessories to pair with your choice!


Show Me Your Mumu


Eleanor Maxi Dress - $278

You guys I could do this all day but Imma stop at 20 websites so that this doesn't become overwhelming plus these are probably all my favorites and anything else might be subpar. I may add to this list in the future but let's end with a good one for now at Show Me Your Mumu. If you find your wedding dress here, don't forget to check out their VAST variety of bridesmaid gowns that come at great prices :D