Our Wedding Day Story

On September 29th, 2019, a tropical storm breezed through Galveston as I prepared to marry the man of my dreams. To be honest there wasn’t much for me to do except get ready. I had the most phenomenal team of family with me on our special day, taking care of every little detail.

Matt and I chose to get married in Galveston because it was the first place we vacationed to since moving to Texas and well, let’s be honest also because we’re from California and we wanted a beach wedding. We had the most wonderful memories of our first vacation in Galveston and it became our new favorite place to take Hudson to run around on the beach. So it was decided, a tropical beach wedding in Galveston… during peak hurricane season… which was my bad because I’m new to Texas and forgot to check that information.

We decided we wanted a small wedding to keep things intimate and to keep our budget low. In our opinion, keeping things small was the best decision because we got to spend more time with the people we love and care most about. There are people I do wish were there in hindsight, but to be honest it was so nice getting to do it with immediate family only.

Matt and I found the perfect house to get married at. It was on the bay side of the island and had a beautiful view of the water from the back porch where you could watch the sunset. It was also perfect because it was big enough for Matt and I to split off into different sides of the house to get ready.

I had my sister-in laws and mother and my mom help me get dressed in my custom made For Love & Lemons gown & silk chiffon veil that i found on Etsy. The top of my Gown was made from a For Love & Lemons body suit but the bottom was Made from a Lulus floor length skirt. I had a seamstress sew the two together. My Earrings were actually a super cute cheap find from Forever21. Pretty sure they don’t sell them anymore but they have tons of affordable tassel earrings so there is no need to spend $100 on earrings at like revolve or something.

Matt’s details were obviously amazing as well. Simple but charming. It was too hot for a jacket so he went with a casual beach look! Tie from QP Collections , Shoes from Cole Haan, & a simple short sleeve button up from Zara! I don’t recall the sock brand but we get all his good socks at Nordstrom Rack.

The entire morning was spent listening to rainy day vibe romantic music, eating croissants, drinking sparkling rose, and hanging out with all my favorites, including my two year old golden retriever puppy Hudson. It was pure bliss! While I relaxed, my mother & sister in law Sarah did all my florals - which included my mom going out in her pajamas first thing in the morning and cutting palm leafs off with a knife. Literally - all I can say is that if I saw a lady walking around a nice neighborhood in her pajamas with a knife in hand, I would probably consider calling the police… so that’s like my favorite thing ever.

I had pictured a staircase first look for sooo long. I had always pictured Matt waiting at the bottom of it and watching me come down but the way we did it was actually so much better for an element of surprise in real life. Do I recommend first looks? 100%. For all the couples out there who are worried it will take away that aisle moment - it does not. I mean take a look at my husbands face as I am walking down the aisle. It’s a totally “different” moment in my opinion and both are truly beautiful memories.

We loved our officiant so if you’re in Houston, hit up MarryMeBrandon because he really told our story how it was and it felt true to us.

Our arch was something Matt BUILT. I was so proud of him for taking such a big effort in the look and feel of our big day. He saw an A arch like ours on Pinterest and then went to Home Depot and picked out wood to nail together when we got to Galveston. It was funny driving down from Austin to Galveston in my little BMW with two big wood planks down the middle of our seats and poor Hudson crammed in the back. Truly a clown car.

For our ceremony, we surprised Matt’s parents by hiring a sign language translator to stand up front and translate the entire ceremony. Both of Matt’s parents are deaf and although his dad wears a hearing aid, it’s so much easier to follow if everything is heard and nothing is missed so I am so glad we hired Laura from Galveston who we found on a Deaf Galveston Facebook group. She was so sweet and wore our wedding colors (blue) and got us a card as well!

My dream was to get married out by the bay but with the rain that came in all day on the day of our wedding (literally the only day that entire weekend of course) we chose to have it under the porch which was perfectly fine and still beautiful!

After the ceremony, Matt and I ran off to the beach with Leo Cabal, our photographer, and Kris Cabal our videographer. Kris + Leo are brothers and the best team. They both gave me all the files from our wedding so that I was able to edit them how I wanted and also save them some edit time! They’re also good friends of mine from the wedding industry, both who I’ve worked with many times.

We grabbed my Farm Girl Flowers bouquet, which I had delivered all the way from LA, and drove across the street to the beach. While we got out of the car it had started to sprinkle and the wind really kicked in, but I think it made for some really beautiful photos so I was actually really happy about that. I’m more of a wild & free bride and I wanted my hair to be messy and my Tono & Co Ribbon to be flying all over the place.

While we were out taking pictures, our parents were doing the most amazing job making steaks and lobster for dinner (the lobster which my mom had ordered in from Maine!). I had wanted the dinner to be outside but it ended up being wayy to windy on the patio so the guys moved ALL the furniture and table settings indoors at the last minute and it was still lovely.

During dinner our friend Ben, who had recently just gotten back from Hawaii, brought us back a Hawaiian themed gift and it was the cutest thing ever. Dang near made me cry and I don’t cry easy. We ended up putting one of the Lei’s on Hudson and I wish we had it for the ceremony because it was like the perfect “flower” collar.

Even though it was a small, intimate wedding, we didn’t cut any of the fun traditions like cake cutting (our delicious chocolate chip fudge cake with vanilla buttercream frosting was made by You Me and Megs). We also kept in our first dance and a mother-son, father-daughter dance.

This day couldn’t have been more perfect and as a note to any brides to be, don’t sweat the small stuff because the important part of the day is the memories you make with those who mean the most to you and that’s LITERALLY all that the big day is about. You, the love of your life, and your family celebrating that love.


Vendors & Details

Photography: Leo Cabal Weddings

Officiant: Marry Me Brandon

Cake: You, me, and Megs

Dress: For Love & Lemons + Lulus

Brides shoes: Report sHOES

Veil: Adelamour

Robe: Stone Cold Fox

Perfume: Le Labo

earrings: Forever 21

Bouquet: Farm Girl Flowers

Ribbon: Tono & CO

Table Runner: MrsFreund

Dog COLLAR + LEASH: Howell Pets

Groom’s shoes: Cole Haan

Grooms Tie: QP Collections

Grooms Shirt: Zara