Our First Apartment Together in San Jose

When Matt and I looked at moving in together, we began our search for a dog friendly, affordable, non-roomate situation in Silicon Valley. That list may not seem like it has a lot of asks - but when you live amongst Apple, Facebook, Netflix & all the other big tech brands, your living situation gets REAL pricey real quick. We couldn’t be picky when looking for our first home, but also we kind of were picky.

Before we found our first place together, Matt and I had been crashing with his parents. We love his parents SO much and they were so accommodating to us, but it just was not a permanent situation. Plus, we needed a place for my Golden Retriever puppy Hudson. So we began our search amongst the Craigslist listings of Northern California. A lot of situations we ran into were either fake listings or just really sketchy. We started considering the roommate option and we even went and “interviewed” with these folks at a cool looking recently remodeled home in San Jose. The people there were really odd and started asking us questions like “What would you do if we broke one of your dishes? Would you try to fight us?” and “How do you feel about mandatory weekly house dinners with everyone that lives here?” I mean maybe some people are into that but we really just wanted our own space and our own lives and not to have to follow the rules of some strange housemates.


Then this small studio space popped up in San Jose. It was on the top floor of an old converted Victorian Home. We went to go meet the current tenant so he could show us the space and despite the horrible job he had done decorating, we tried to look at it and see it as our own and how WE would decorate it (which was definitely a huge challenge if I could show you the before).


For San Jose & a $1,400 a month rent budget, we did a pretty good job finding this little gem. It had a separate kitchen and a hall which made the bedroom/livingroom space seem much bigger, and most of all it was OUR OWN. No roommates!

We had a good run in that house but we had to call the police a few times for some domestic violence situations across the street, weird activity at 3am in the streets, and homeless people camping out and peeing on dumped couches in the front yard, but it worked for the time being. You can probably see why we JUMPED at the opportunity to move out to Austin, Texas.


Still, the landlord said we left the place in nicer condition than when we rented it. Before we left we had scrubbed marks off the walls that had been there since before we moved in, installed custom blackout shades, and built a breakfast bar in the kitchen!

First homes together are a great memory, especially this one which I feel brought us really close & taught us to live in tight quarters and be thankful for what we have!!

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