7 Things That Didn't Go As Planned On Our Wedding Day

Ok you might think that by the title of this post it sounds totally pessimistic. BUT I am actually here to preach to all you brides to be why little details do not matter as much as you think they do. There were countless things that did not go how I imagined them going but literally they fell to the wayside as the day went on and I didn’t think twice about them after it happened.

1. It Rained on Our Wedding Day

We had pictured a totally sunny gorgeous wedding day. We wanted to get married by the water on the bayside of Galveston Island, out on the sand. The entire weekend that we were in Galveston, things were looking up! There were a few clouds but no signs of rain. However, the morning of our wedding, we woke up to a huge thunder and lightning storm that had started around 3am and lasted on and off until our ceremony. We ended up moving the ceremony under the house deck for shelter. So, ok, the pictures weren’t as pretty as they might have been if we were standing next to the water, but in the moment all that mattered was holding my future husband’s hand and exchanging vows in front of our family and friends.

2. Matt’s Shirt Got Stained by an Iron

I remember Matt’s sister coming in and being like, it’s not that bad… but her face said that maybe it was. Probably depending on how bad I thought it was. Poor Matt was SO worried. He had no back up shirt (so word to the wise if this is a big deal to you make sure you have packed a backup shirt). I guess he was ironing his shirt to get creases out and it left a big orange iron mark on his upper chest! It was a LITTLE noticeable in pictures and I honestly thought I would spend the time editing out each stain but then when the time came I realized the focus was not on his shirt but on our faces and it didn’t show as often and as much as I thought it would. He also ripped his shirt underneath his arm before we even had our first look :p but its ok because it’s not like he needed to lift his arms that much.


3. Details Were Forgotten

There were a few little things that I had preplanned before the wedding that did not even end up making an appearance. Matt and I had brought this special blue rug from home that we wanted to lay out at the alter to stand on and totally forgot to even get it out. We didn’t even notice until the next day when we were packing up the car!


4. It Was Too Windy To Have Dinner Outside

The outdoor deck where our dinner had been set up was covered from any rain, but not immune to the wind that kept knocking everything over, including candles. After Matt and I returned from our couples portraits post ceremony, the guys in the house moved ALL our tables and chairs inside after everything had been prepped outdoors to begin with. This meant moving all the place settings, table clothes, candles, decor, etc etc. But to be honest I ended up feeling like it was cozier inside. It just worked out better and felt like that was the way it was suppose to be. Also that way no one got eaten by mosquitos TOO badly..


5. Hudson Did NOT Cooperate During the Ceremony

Matt and I had wanted our 2 year old crazy ass golden retriever up at the alter with us the entire ceremony. Unfortunately he was WAY to psyched to be outside and around a bunch of people. He would not sit still and was trying to give our officiant kisses as you can see from part of our video. It was actually kind of hilarious. After I walked down the aisle I signaled our friend Ben and asked him if he could put him inside instead. I think I’m glad we got to focus more on each other this way as it could’ve been hard with matt holding Hudson’s leash & we would’ve had wayy more interruptions.


6. There Wasn’t Anywhere to Buy Flowers in Galveston

I briefly told this story in another post about our wedding day, but my mom searched high and low for good flowers for our wedding and came up short handed. Her solve? She literally went foraging at like 7 in the morning in pajamas with a knife outside this cute little resort beach community, cutting palm leaves from trees. I wish I had a photo of this. My sister in law and my mom made it work because they’re miracle workers.


7. Matt Got EATEN by Mosquitos

Poor Matt’s legs looked like he had a disease post ceremony! We got lots of cortisone cream and hydrogen peroxide to fix the infectious look and the itching. No one got bit as bad as the groom! His seriously looked like they were going to make him ill and lasted for DAYS. Glad they healed up though. I guess the mosquitos don’t like my blood as much because I was totally fine. To be honest, I don’t think Matt even noticed until after the day was ending because of how much fun we were having.


So, if you’re worried about something going wrong on your wedding day or not as planned, literally, it will happen. I can almost guarantee that. Why? Because in our heads, leading up to the big day, we envision it SO perfectly in our minds. Like a dream. But honestly when I look back on my day it feels like a perfect dream and I never took a second to dwell on the little things. I tell brides all the time that I thought I would care SOO much about how my table settings looked for pictures later on and guess what, I barely look at the detail photos. I care way more about the ones of me and my family. It’s just little things like that, that we think are going to matter, but they end up being so small compared to the bigger picture. I couldn’t have imagined my wedding day more perfectly than the way God had it happen :)