My Entire First Trimester Journey


Previously, I talked a lot about my HG with ya’ll (on here and Instagram). HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) is the unfortunate occurrence of EXTREME all day nausea and sickness. But it’s much more than that and you can read about it here. Luckily, I found the right combination of medicine that has helped my HG chill the heck out and let me live a little again. I think it also helps that I’m in my second trimester now as well but it didn’t really calm down until like week 16.

SO from the beginning - this has been my journey so far. It’s a wild ride being pregnant ya’ll!


Week 1-4:

For those who are like me and would be really confused about what week “1” of pregnancy means - it basically is the time BEFORE you are pregnant. The calculations for pregnancy include the entire month of your ovulation cycle, with the 4th week being the week you’d actually have a baby inside you (poppyseed size). I found out PRETTY dang early I was pregnant - week 4! I found out the DAY my period was due to start. I took a test while Matt wasn’t home and VOILA! See below for my minor freak out :p

After that I decided the best way to tell Matt was to take him by surprise but I feel like he would know if I was filming so I don’t have it on video. I dug up two of our baby photos, (I had some from our wedding that his mom gave me of him) one of me and one of him, and put them in my jacket pocket. Then I sat him down and took the photos out and said “We’re going to have a mini you or a mini me!” and he was definitely shocked but so happy! It was definitely a teary special moment.

Week 5:

The next week I had to be in SoCal to film a wedding. It was the week of the crazy fall forest fires that took over Malibu and LA and I was FREAKING out about smoke inhalation because my wedding was in LA. I begged my mom to find a mask for me to wear but the wedding ended up not being near any of the smoke so I lucked out. My parents also had no idea I was pregnant and my mom kept offering me glasses of white wine and my dad had like bought special Rosé just for me but I just kept saying I wasn’t in the mood haha! Matt and I wanted to tell them together and since he wasn’t with me I just kept it a secret (But I wanted to tell my mom so bad!) I was SO tired all the time in the beginning and at the very start of my nausea but nowhere near the beginning of my HG yet. The video below was taken in their guest room while I was there.

Week 6:

Ah yes - the beginning of my HG Journey. Honestly It really started the end of week 5 but just barely. I had no idea what I was in for. I worked a wedding the end of week 5 and was exhausted and a little sick but barely. THEN week 6 I had started my medication because my sickness got much worse. My doctor put me on Zofran to stave off the nausea so that I was able to work. At this point I had only just begun throwing up. Just barely too.

Week 7-8:

At this point I was pretty much sick NON STOP puking all the time, could barely get out of bed to work, didn’t have the energy to get up get dressed and get ready. My days were sucking. Being pregnant felt anything but amazing and I was like wait what the actual heck this is horrible. The upside was that I had my first ultrasound week 8 and was able to see our little nugget! I remember it being so horrible going to the doctor that day because I was so sick and had to drink a TON of water before the ultrasound. Still - getting to see the little heartbeat for the first time (which was a tiny flicker on the screen) was so freaking amazing and still blows my mind. For some reason we didn’t get a little print out from our first ultrasound but this was the video before we went in:

Week 9:

Week 9 was a scary one for me. Two days before my mom was set to come visit me in Austin, I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible cramps. I went to the bathroom and there was BRIGHT RED BLOOD everywhere. I freaked out. I woke up Matt and I said that I think we may have lost the baby. I knew to be prepared incase this happens because it’s common and it does happen and especially in the first trimester. We had told our parents about the baby week 6 so they knew we were pregnant and I was freaking out thinking I’d have to tell family members that it was no more. I called my mom in a panic in the middle of the night and she woke up and talked to me saying not to jump to conclusions yet and to see my doctor. The next day I was still bleeding so I called my doctor and set an appointment. I was prepared for the worst but the second we were in the ultrasound room the tech told us that bleeding at this stage is super common. Next thing we know we see our little baby on the screen, bigger than before, heart beating and all. I was overjoyed to say the least. Then we got this little picture :)


Week 12:

Still feeling sick here, and a little nervous, but we decided to announce the baby to the world! I was going to do it week 13 but honestly it felt right to do it as a “New Years” celebratory thing and the timing just was right. This was the last week of my first trimester and I was thinking to myself, “hopefully I stop puking soon.” Unfortunately the sickness kept going and is still going - although it’s much better now. My doctor also put me on promethezine to combine with the Zofran and that seemed to kick the evening yuckies away - although I still get sick if I don’t eat every 3 seconds so theres that. It’s a balance and I am still learning.

NEXT TIME I post on here, you guys will know the gender of our baby!

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