BOY! It’s a boy! I can’t believe Matt and I waited a whole week after our ultrasound to find out what our baby was. During the second trimester anatomy scan in my 19th week of pregnancy, we asked the tech to tell us when to look away from the screen and to not reveal the gender to us. It was SO hard not knowing for a whole week, but we had a plan that worked best for us and our family.


Since we wanted to find out with our family but they’re all in California, Georgia, NY, Australia, etc., we picked a date and time and group FaceTimed everyone. It was a little challenging at first to get everyone on the phone (I think it’s because my phone wasn’t properly updated or something?) anyways we ended up getting most of the people on one phone and had to FaceTime two separate people from other phones… it was sort of a mess but it worked out.


At the beginning of the week, right after my ultrasound, I went to my favorite baker Meghan Cocker from You, Me, & Megs cakes and delivered an envelope to her that contained the gender of our baby. So at this point only our baker, her boyfriend, and our tech knew the gender. We had a whole roll of ultrasound pictures in an envelope at home and it literally just sat on a shelf until Saturday and we didn’t touch it! I’m shocked with our ability to wait but so glad we did.


On the Friday before we did the reveal, I went to the flower market in Austin and bought all different kinds of “boho” looking flowers. I wanted the theme of the reveal setting to be gender neutral. I have literally no idea what flowers are what so I just grabbed like dried flowers, dried pampas grass, a couple tropical looking flowers, and a couple orange and white roses that I didn’t even end up using. I LOVED the look of the dried flowers and decorated the cake with a few and used the rest as background for our photoshoot and video of the reveal.


I had also ordered a pack of smoke bombs (pink and blue) to be delivered and they were a day late and I was freaking out that they wouldn’t get to us in time for the reveal. I really wanted to go out and shoot photos right after the cake so that we could make a quick video and post it. The smoke bombs arrived THE DAY OF the reveal just in time so note to you if you plan on doing this - order them more than a week in advance.


Saturday, Matt and I picked up our cute little vanilla buttercream frosted cake with colored MnMs on the inside. As we drove in his car the cake box sat at my feet and I was so nervous with every stoplight or turn that something would happen and I would ruin the cake or like jostle it to the point of ruining the surprise on the inside. I was pretty paranoid because it ended up being totally fine and those MnM’s were deep in there.


We had our friend Brooke from Honey Gem Creative come over to shoot photos of our cake cutting and I also set up some cameras to record video of us as well. I had set up this whole little area where I laid out white curtains that basically looked like table cloths and set them up behind us as well so that the scene was somewhat decorated. I also laid out our little baby’s baby book (I almost just wrote the name - which we aren’t revealing just yet!). Then we put the cake on a little stand, put some flowers behind it, lit some candles, and that was that :) I would have done more if we did an actual reveal party but this was just for FaceTime and video so there wasn’t much to be done.


See below for our reactions on video!! It was such a good memory and I am so glad we captured it :) I highly recommend gender reveals — even if it’s just you and your significant other and you have photos and video of it. I can’t wait to show baby Barentsen someday!