What's On Our Baby Registry

For me, this was my first time creating an ACTUAL registry. Matt and I never did one for our wedding and doing one for the baby seemed like such an important task. I wanted to do a BUNCH of research before putting one together. I looked at so many people’s blogs, seeing what baby products they recommended and what was actually useful to them before putting things on my own registry. I tried to only get things that the baby will immediately NEED upon being earthside, but obviously there are some things that I also wanted to just splurge on for pure cuteness. Below, I’m letting you know what I picked for my registry and why! I hope this helps any mamas to be who want to know what to put on your registry, because I know when I first started this process a few months back I was totally lost. It took a ton of work but I tried really hard to cover all the basics :)

I used Babylist.com for my registry because it’s the only site that I know of that allows you to register for items from ANY website all over the web. It’s so easy to use and you can even install a little browser extension (like the Pinterest one) that allows you to add the item straight from the website and then categorize it. I also downloaded the app to my phone along with the app extension for web browsing. So, if I saw something on Instagram I could click the web link then add it directly from there. This made searching a breeze.

As you’re reading through this - keep in mind that I haven’t HAD the baby yet, so I will most likely do another post in the future with what I found to be essential and really work! But for now, this is my best shot ;)

Baby Gear

Personally, I classified baby gear as anything I would use for the baby on a daily basis that was not health, apparel, feeding, toy, or nursery related. See below for examples of what I mean!

  • Lounger

    These keep your little ones environment safe and comfy! I’ve seen people use these in their cribs or even just hanging out in the living room on the floor/couch. I chose the Snuggle Me Organic brand because I loved that they were made of organic linen and not made from synthetic materials. They also come in really nice neutral colors which is totally my vibe. If you’re more into prints check out Dock-a-Tot!

  • Baby Swing

    There are tons out there! The most common and recommended are the Fisher Price swings because of their price (and their success with happy babies). A lot of people also recommend the Mamaroo (or the Rockaroo which is the earlier version sold from the same makers). I like this one because of the size and how little space it takes up. I also like that it’s not too wild looking and it’s more simplistic. All the metal and parts on the other ones looked so messy large to me. Either way, swings are necessary because of the motion your baby is used to in the womb! Again, read “The Happiest Baby on the Block” for a better understanding on this. I hear it will truly help your baby get to sleep and is nice when you’re trying to get some things done around the house!

rockaRoo  - $159

rockaRoo - $159

  • Carriers

    I listed a few of these because I think different ones are better for different scenarios! I got one for when the baby is under 35lbs and another that may be a bit more suitable for when the baby grows larger and is heavier for me to carry. Matt also found one he likes that is perfect for dads! We liked:

  • Baby Shusher

    This came reccomended by multiple mommy bloggers who say this Shusher works Miracles on helping the baby sleep! That same book I mentioned twice already talks about how the “Shh” sound really DOES help the baby because it’s sort of what the womb sounds like to them and they LOVE white noise.


This section is basically just ANYTHING that I will be using outside of the house.

  • Stroller + Car Seat

    Picking a good stroller and car seat takes a ton of work and research. “Why are some so expensive, why are some not, is this stroller compatible with this car seat?” etc etc. There are so many questions. I wanted to make sure I got a stroller that was infant to toddler so that my son will be able to grow into it. I also wanted to make sure the car seat was compatible with the stroller so that if he’s sleeping in the car I don’t have to wake him and I can snap that car seat straight into the stroller for pushing around! I chose the NUNA car seat and stroller brand. They have a few strollers to choose from but most if not all are compatible with their PIPA car seat. I just love the little leather handles they have too! And I also like that there is a Flame Retardant Free car seat if you don’t want the chemicals that can be found in some.

  • Car Seat Cover

    There’s a million of these in all different colors & patterns. Useful for feeding in public too! I recommend looking at all the different ones Spearmint Love has.

  • Pack & Play Crib

    These are great for a lot of different circumstances. Traveling, staying in a hotel somewhere, going over to a friends house with the baby when it needs to sleep etc. etc. I registered for a Graco one but there’s all sorts of brands. I chose based on a decent price & if it had a little infant/newborn basinets. Don’t forget to get your own Crib sheet for it so it has a nice material over the mattress! I like the ones from Ely’s & Co.


There’s a lot more that goes into feeding than I thought. Even though my pump was covered through insurance, there were plenty of other things I needed for this category!

  • Burp Cloths

    Again I used Ely’s and co! tons of cute prints

  • Bottle Brush

    I liked the simple nature of the Oxo Tot

  • Bottle Warmer / Breast Milk Warmer + Feeding Kit

    Kiinde! I have heard great things about this brand. I am also using their Feeding system because it came recommended from my cousin with two littles :) You can use these together! You can pump directly into the pouches and then use the bottle warmer when you’re ready to use the milk.

  • Baby Bottles

    For when your baby is a little older, these Comotomo Silicone bottles are wildly popular!

  • Bottle Drying Rack

    Obsessed with the Boon Grass! You can take it out of the base and clean it too because after a few uses the bottom collects nasties so its nice to have a rack that is easy to keep sanitary. I’ve had these before and love them. I recommend 2 because they’re not very large & you can just use them for your other cups or utensils too.

Boon Grass  - $14.99

Boon Grass - $14.99

Bath Time

  • Baby wash and Lotion

    I love coconut so I went for Chamonixrain Organics! I think this brand is originally from Australia if I am right? If anything I think it’s new to the US but sold here now!

Baby Bundle  - $48.50

Baby Bundle - $48.50

  • Soak Tub

  • Bath Toys

    Maybe not an instant necessity but this monochrome Duck sure was cute :)

  • Hooded towels

    You can honestly get these everywhere and anywhere. The kind with ears are wildly popular and I’ve even already been gifted some of those. HomeGoods baby section has been known to have cute deals on these types of items. Still these are two brands I am excited to try out:


  • Wipes

    I’ll be trying the popular brand Babyganics first to see if I like them!

  • Changing Pad

    I like the soft looking ones rather than the hard plastic ones. I listed Summer Infant’s on my registry.

  • Changing pad liners and/or Portable Change Pad

    I’ve listed the Bamboo Quilted ones from Amazon. Great because they’re portable and you can take them out with you :) But I was also obsessed with the Herschel Sprout Change Mat.

  • Wipe Warmer/ Dispenser

    Because who wants to be wiped with a cold wipe!? JK but in all seriousness the dispenser is nice and it has a little light for night changes :)

  • Diaper/Skin cream

    A cream called Egyptian Magic was recommended to me by my cousin who said it kept her babies rash free! I am keen to try this and share the news with others if it really works!

Egyptian Magic - $34.99

Egyptian Magic - $34.99

  • Diapers

    OBVIOUSLY. ALL THE DIAPERS! But seriously - Another recommendation for rash-less babies was the eco-friendly Bamboo Nature diapers. Still, I heard try a few brands and see which works best!

  • Diaper Pail

    We went with Ubbi because you don’t need special trash bags for it!


This section is really personal in my opinion so I’ll just list a few NECESSARY things. Because decor is really just dependent on the family and their style. I can’t decide that for you! My personal style is very neutral and organic with a dash of boho.

  • Baby Hangers

    Personally, I like the little non-slip velvet ones with swivel hooks

  • Bassinet / Crib fitted sheets

    I used Etsy and also Ely’s and Co to search for these. I recommend a couple for when you need to change the sheets due to an accident.

  • Crib

    This was a big item for us so it did not actually go on our registry and was gifted to us by our parents. But if you need ideas, we went with the Nash Crib by Pottery Barn.

  • Changing Table / Dresser

    This is also something we did not put on our registry because it’s such an expensive item and we haven’t found one we LOVE yet. Still I recommend looking for a changing table that is also a dresser just as a space saver and it makes sense. Also if you want to just take any old dresser and put the change pad on top, make sure the dresser is wide enough!

  • Basinet

    We had a hard time choosing a basinet because we found so many of them to be absolutely hideous and plasticky or wayyy to expensive. Granted it’s only used for like 4 months but still, some of the most precious memories take place in the basinet and I wanted it to be special. We settled on a moses basket + rocker. See below for the one we picked! The Dua moses baskets are so cute and they have so many different ones but this is the one we liked:

Health and Safety

  • Thermometer

    I’d reccomend talking to your pediatrician to see what they suggest for at home use. I think there are a lot of differing opinions from what I’ve read. I’ve seen people say “Forehead thermometers aren’t accurate” and “rectal thermometers go into such a sensitive area I don’t want to risk anything there” etc. So, I’m curious to try out the Frida Baby Thermometer which is an underarm patch that connects via blue tooth to your phone and lets you know an accurate reading of your baby’s temp as the night/day goes on. So if you know your baby has a fever you can just track it to see when it spikes at night etc.

  • Nail Clippers

    Yes they have to be baby ones! At least this is what my mom tells me? Again, going with Fridababy.

  • Baby Monitor

    Ok so I do admit I was first drawn to this cute camera because of how it looked when I first saw it, but then I read all about it’s features and was more sold on it. Check it out the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor for yourself :)

  • Pacifiers

    Super necessary and helpful according to my book! They’re included in the five S’s that help babies stop crying, sleep, be calm etc. Swaddle, side stomach position, shush, swing, suck. Look it up if you need to! The 5 S’s are super common! Favorite pacifiers so far include:

    • The Pop Paci

    • Bibs Paci

    • Cutie PAT Paci

    I found all of these on Spearmint Love!

  • I also recommend getting a Pacifier clip just from what i’ve seen and experienced with other babies and how pacifiers fall out of their mouths in public and land on the floor! These will help them from landing in unwanted places. I love the Lolli ones which you can also get at Spearmint.

  • Humidifier

    I’ve heard mixed things - I think as long as you keep your humidifier clean you should be in the clear. I just think it will help and personally want one but do your own research on this ;)


I’d say (from the research and what I’ve seen) the only super necessary toys right away when they’re really small are teethers or maybe play gym situations. Things that are visually fun to look at, grab, touch etc. Below are a few of the things I picked out to start with!


Everyone always says “don’t over register for clothes!” but let’s be honest your baby needs to wear something and why not give people ideas if you’re having a shower? Below are some of my FAVORITE baby brands and places to shop. Enjoy ;)