Staying Cool While Pregnant This Summer


OK so, I live in Austin, TX and when I moved here I had to adjust to the summer BIG time. California summers are nice and we get the occasional 100 degree day, but there’s always the entire month of June Gloom and the option of the beach if you want to take a dip and cool off. Texas was a little different for me because it’s SCORCHING hot every single day in summer. It’s like an unescapable heatwave oven here. I love that we get super hot summers, but now that I know how hot it’s going to be, here are a few things I’ll be doing to stay cool WHILE being preggo this summer (which is super important!).

  • Wear Appropriate Attire

    This is a super obvious one. But, sundresses aside, make sure the clothes you wear are loose fitting, and light weight. Also, don’t be afraid to wear light flowy pants because when it’s super hot and you feel sticky you’d probably rather not have your legs feel like they’re sticking together (ew).

  • Keep the House Cool

    Another obvious one. Still, We can’t all afford to have our AC running all summer! I’ll be trying to save the AC bill for when the baby comes so that he gets to experience the good life when he’s here. Before that, there’s always an open window and a fan. Also - when you’re not home, keep all the blinds shut and curtains drawn to lock in the cool and keep out the heat! I found this to be super helpful last year during the summer. We even got some of those blackout curtains to keep out even more light than normal. My husband also likes to keep the lights off and although it’s artificial light, I think it gives the illusion of a cooler household so it helps me think it’s colder mentally.

  • Go Swimming

    Personally, we have a community pool with little cabanas that I plan to be living at this summer. If you have your own pool for taking dips, great! If you don’t have that - maybe you live by the ocean or the lake and you can go for a dip there! I’m only weary about lakes because of bacteria but if it’s a clean one or if you are just dipping your feet in and you don’t have any open wounds you should probably be ok :) Obviously, consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

  • Stay Hydrated

    SUPER hydrated! Get an insulated water bottle that keeps your water cold throughout the day and jam pack it with ice cubes. If you can’t get one of those just put water bottles in the freezer overnight and then take them out in the morning. I used to do this all the time to take cold water with me to teach surf camp on the beach and by lunch time my water literally still had a huge floating block of ice in it. Also I LOVE Topo Chico mineral water and I have some weird mental thing that makes be believe that it’s somehow MORE refreshing than regular water. It just cools me down instantly since it comes in a cold glass bottle and is carbonated :)

  • Multiple Showers

    Take multiple cold/cool showers a day. In the summer I take up to 2 a day because I literally can’t stand the heat and would rather my hair and body be covered in water sopping wet. Taking a shower in the evening helps too because you can cool your body temp down before going to bed.

  • Keep Your Hair Up!

    I love putting my hair in a top knot. It’s usually in a top knot 70% of the time anyways, but it’s like this almost 90% of the time in the summer. I just have to keep any and all hair off my neck. In fact sometimes I do it straight out of the shower because even wet hair on your back/neck during the summer is so uncomfortable when it’s hot.

  • Ice packs

    If you don’t have an ice machine to make little bags of ice, just use frozen vegetable/fruit packs! I don’t even own a legit “ice pack.” Sometimes putting ice straight in the bag is like way TOO cold so you gotta wrap it in a towel or paper towel. Just keep moving it to different parts of your body that are hot and eventually you’ll cool down.

  • Cooler Sheets & Pillow Cases

    Go to target and start feeling the different material on different sheets. I have some from there that are so much cooler to the touch than my every day ones and I use these when it’s super hot. They’re the worst to get warm with in the wintertime but the best in the summer! Also the obvious sleeping with one leg in and one out or just using the thin layer of the sheet as a blanket is an obvious natural no brainer.

  • Avoid Hot / Spicy Meals

    Eating a huge bowl of spicy ramen would be the absolute worst in the middle of a hot summer day right? So stick to things that sound refreshing! Non-Raw sushi (for us preggos who can’t have the raw fish), Salads, fruit, raw veggies (and dip!), pasta salad, veggie wraps, popsicles etc.

  • Don’t Get Sunburnt

    You’re entire body is going to feel 100x hotter than it already is when burt so don’t forget sunscreen when you’re tanning the baby body this summer. If you do - Aloe is your friend! I prefer the gel kind because lotions can sometimes make you feel all hot and oily - maybe that’s just me but I feel greasy and gross when sweating with lotion on in the summer.

  • Get Your Windows Tinted

    If your car windows are not tinted, go run and do it now! Last summer I had a new car with NO TINT and I fried like bacon. Literally my car even overheated once in the Texas sun from working too hard with the AC. We got our windows tinted this year and it’s already making the world of a difference. If you do get your windows tinted, don’t opt for the cheapest option because that’s kind of like throwing money away for no reason. The more expensive the tint, the more actual heat it will probably keep out. I learned that the darkness doesn’t necessarily keep the amount of heat out, but the grade of material that’s used.

  • Work Out at Night

    I haven’t been working out like crazy this pregnancy just due to some personal health issues, but my husband runs or hits the gym almost every day. He likes to go before sunrise so that it’s still cool out! If you plan on running alone (I hate to say this but it’s better to be cautious) run in your gym on a treadmill because stranger dangers are out at weird hours right? Well they’re out at all hours but I’d rather be in the daylight with more people when alone. Also animals that are out in the dark are scary to me too. Also gyms have AC so :) yeah.

If all of these fail and you’re still hot as heck needing to starfish the bed to keep cool, kick your husband off the bed. Just kidding :)